Motor trade insurance under 25


Motor Trade Insurance under 25 policy…what are the limitations.

It can be difficult to find a motor trade insurance policy for new starts and this can be more difficult when you are under 25 .

Why is this the case?

This is because insurance companies think that young drivers are more of a risk when comparing them to drivers who are over 30 years in age.

If you have just commenced looking for a motor trade insurance under 25 then you will soon find out that you will not always find that insurers are wanting to take on your risk. For ways to reduce your overall premium then you will need to understand how motor trade insurance is calculated. see this at our 10 top tips section.

When you do finally do find a company that will take on your risk then you check as there will often be limitations and restrictions on the policy that will be applied due to your age .

Also the policy may be quite expensive and not totally fit your budget at the time.  So if you are looking for motor trade insurance under 25 be sure to find a specialist in the area that can find you the best value available.

If you are anew start business that may be doing one of the following trades then you will motor trade insurance under 25 . These include tyre fitters , auto electricians, boy repairers, spray specialists, MoT and service and repair, windscreen fitters, and mechanical repair mechanics.