How Can I Get Motor Trade Insurance For An Under 25 Year Old?

The question of how can I get motor trade insurance for an under 25 year old is posed regularly. Whether for yourself or an employee, in London, Birmingham or any part of the UK, it is imperative to gain the correct trade insurance coverage for young drivers. While under 25 years old drivers are considered a higher risk there is still a wide range of cover available, even at the cheapest end. The key is to find an insurance broker service which can tailor your risk against your needs. If the driver has a drink drive or DR10 conviction or even a criminal conviction  or no MOT or a TT99  then this can mean a hogher premium or higher excess. Other points that effect these policies is cu80 which is points for driving with a mobile phone.

How Can I Get Motor Trade Insurance For An Under 25 Year Old

Every motor trade business owner will naturally be seeking out low cost, flexible payment options but the issue of young driver’s insurance is one area which needs careful navigation. The intricacies of insurance policies are detailed in lines of terms and conditions which denote restrictions and requirements based on a statistical history of the average under 25 driver.

Because drivers under the age of 25 are prone to be involved in more accidents, insurance costs are higher. To find out more and get a better understanding of these policies click here. Though with technology such as telemetry vehicle installations, the price of individual insurance policies can be brought down and tailored to specific business needs. If offered these products, accept and allow yourself to be monitored, you could save hundreds of pounds annually.

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  • Road Risks (comprehensive, TPFT and TPO cover)
  • Public/Employers and Products Liability (up to £5 million as standard)
  • Material Damage (cover for buildings, contents, portable hand tools and general stock)
  • Goods in Transit (Own Goods cover) for motor trade insurancepolicies
  • Money, Assault and Wrongful Conversion (all ranges of additional cover)
  • Business Interruption and Loss of Licence (cover for any financial loss due to a claim)
  • Engineering Inspection (covers any lifting equipment, trolleys and jacks etc)
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