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All policy holders need to be over 25 and younger drivers can be added to the policy. Get A Free Quote today

Motor trade insurance under 25 years in age had become considerably more expensive in recent years. If you require a combined option then this can be arranged.policyholders need to be over 25 years old and then a young driver can be added on to the policy. To find out ways to reduce your premiums then you will need to understand how motor trade insurance is calculated and as trade specialists and we have  10 excellent tips to help you make a saving.

If you are running trade business then inevitably a younger family member or employee will need to b included on the policy.  There are certain insurers who currently will not add on any additional under 25’s as they are deemed as high risk.  However, there are a couple of specialist underwriters who will provide motor trade insurance under 25’s when the main policy holder is over 25 and has an established track record with some no claims bonus, on a Motor Trade Insurance policy. If you reuire a policy with buildings cover then youy will need a combined motor tarde policy  This would apply in a situation of a father and son, where the son is coming into the  business to learn the trade and carry on the family tradition. As you are probably aware, the insurance costs for Motor Trade Insurance under 25 has escalated significantly and one of the most critical rating factors now on policies, is the drivers age.  Often we have seen situations where an established motor trade business has taken its insurance with an insurer for several years, then the owner or policy holder will try to add on a younger driver and the insurer declines and will not offer this cover.

Motor Trade Insurance under 25 will often be provided with restrictions in terms of the CC of the vehicles that they can drive and also, the type of cover may be  restricted to business use only and not business, social and domestic.  Thus, it is important to find a specialist Broker who has access to Insurers that will cover both the power of the vehicle that you require and also the level of cover required.

Motor trade insurance under 25 years in age will require that you have a full uk or european driving licence for a minimum of 12 months.  In most cases it is preferable to hold you licence for 2 or 3 years in order to get the best premium.  If the motor trade business deals with high performance vehicles and sports vehicles, then often enough, the insurer will have a restriction on this type of car.  It is probably more cost effective if the older policy holder is specifically designated to drive these cars.  In light of the fact that this type of insurance has become increasingly more expensive, we feel at evans & lewis that we have access to the right markets, that allow us to deliver competitive premiums.  This will enable your business to get motor trade insurance under 25 for either a family member or new employee.

Motor trade insurance under 25 is available through a limited number of underwriters . Often the father or family member will be the policyholder and the son or daughter will be added on to the policy provided that they are working in the family business. As under 25 insurance has become increasingly expensive for young people on their own then it is often very cost effective to include the younger driver on the business policy.  The policyholder will need to decide if the younger member is to go on to the motor trade policy and what there role is within the company.  Therefore you will need to speak to an expert in motor trade insurance under 25 to access the best rates with in the sector.

Motor trade insurance under 25 is available via the evans and lewis get quote section with our experience and knowledgeable staff we are confident of finding a significant monetary saving and a reliable quality to service that can handle you mid term adjustments and also ensure that you have an efficient system to keep your vehicles on the motor insurance database.  Our motor trade insurance under 25 quotes are some off the best in market and we are confident of making you as proper saving on your insurance.

Motor trade insurance under 25 has several additional products that can be taken at the same time.  You may opt to have legal expenses cover included which can give you the peace off mind that in the event of a legal  dispute ten you can be covered up to £100,000. Is important to scout the market to ensure that you get the best deal going.  You may be a tyre fitter or a specialist in auto electrics.  But the same principles will apply that you need to keep your business competitive and be certain  that your motor trade insurance under 25 is the right level of cover at the right price.

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  • Goods in Transit (Own Goods cover) for motor trade insurancepolicies
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