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10 Tips to help you to save money.

  • When you are in conversation with the broker the question of ‘what were you paying last year’ or ‘what is your best quote this year’ may well arise.  It is important that you provide accurate information. Giving a low figure and hoping the broker will match it will not work; the broker will already have an indication of what the price should be.  He or she will know the information you have given is inaccurate. If you are looking for a policy with premises and liability then Evans and Lewis can provide a price comparision.
  • If you are looking for traders insurance then it is best to start looking 30 days in advance. Whether it be motor trade insurance under 25 or traders insurance with convictions all insurance quotes are valid for 30 days so there is no risk of the quote becoming out of date.  If you have an existing policy it is better to wait until 30 days before renewal to look for a new quote. If you are looking for a great deal on your motor trade insurance then you will need a specialist broker like Evans & Lewis Insurance
  • Motor trade insurance under 25 is available through specialist insurers but always  have all your information to hand so that you are not wasting time in sourcing details whilst discussing the quote with the broker. Motor trade insurance brokers are busy and understand that time is of the essence when looking for a competitive quote. We understand that you will be searching the market to find the best price and we know you need a cheap motor trade insurance policy but make sure your check the basics of the policy like  excess levels and full details of what is and isn’t covered.
  • When you are looking for motor trade insurance under 25 also consider the cost of the finance and interest rates as these can vary significantly. Insist on an accurate costing of the monthly payments and if any additional administration fees apply. Ask if this is the best deal that they can do. If you are looking for motor trade insurance under 25 then if is more cost effective if the policyholder is aged over 25 years old to keep the premiums down to the lowest level.
  • Consider exactly what level of traders insurance it is that you need; the level of indemnity and the maximum value of the vehicles that you will be dealing with. What cover do you require – fully comprehensive, third party or third party, fire and theft? All these will have a different rating factor so this will impact on the overall price.
  • When looking for motor trade insurance under 25 try to think of exactly what drivers need to be on the policy, and do they need to be business only or business, social domestic and pleasure. Covering younger drivers under 25 in increasingly difficult as the bulk of insurers have moved away from doing social domestic and pleasure for under 25.
  • When looking for traders insurance there specialist brokers that can help if you have a particular special requirement i.e. motoring convictions or motor trade insurance under 25. If you are looking for cheap motor trade insurance with convictions there are two main underwriters that will underwrite these risks. By developing a good relationship with the broker they can pass all the information and circumstances around the convictions to the underwriter, and then work with them to get a good deal.
  • When searching on the internet a good technique is to think of a long search phrase that exactly describes what you are looking for. Once typed into the search engine you will have a good chance of finding exactly what you are looking for saving a lot of time in the process. For example you might be looking for low cost garage cover with employer’s liability; you could type in cheap combined motor trade insurance under 25 with employer’s liability.
  • A technique used by brokers is to ask motor traders which brokers and insurers they have used in the past. How competitive they were? How good was their service? and would they continue to use them in the future? Brokers also like find out other extra information like what they you were paying in terms of interest rates, or any other extras added to policy. All of these can have a bearing on how cheap online motor trade insurance under 25 policies can go up in cost when all the extras are added.
  • Once you have purchased your motor trade insurance you will need to update your vehicles on the MID; or Motor Insurance Database, as and when a change in stock occurs. In the event of a police check they can automatically see if a vehicle is insured. If it’s not on the database you will get pulled over and asked to produce a current insurance policy certificate. This may not apply to motor trade insurance under 25 but with many policies these days you have direct log ins to the MID so as a customer you can self manage stock by adding and removing vehicles on the designated website yourself ensuring peace of mind.
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  • Road Risks (comprehensive, TPFT and TPO cover)
  • Public/Employers and Products Liability (up to £5 million as standard)
  • Material Damage (cover for buildings, contents, portable hand tools and general stock)
  • Goods in Transit (Own Goods cover) for motor trade insurancepolicies
  • Money, Assault and Wrongful Conversion (all ranges of additional cover)
  • Business Interruption and Loss of Licence (cover for any financial loss due to a claim)
  • Engineering Inspection (covers any lifting equipment, trolleys and jacks etc)
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