What's Best Motor Trade Insurance For A Under 25 Year Old?

By comparing under 25 years old motor trade insurance between the likes of Aviva and Axa and a host of other specialist insurance houses, you can reduce the cost of under 25 trader’s insurance by a significant margin if you tailor a package to your exact trade. For instance a Valeter would not have the same requirements and cover as a Garage or mobile mechanic. While the driving cover and age aspect is the same, by excluding certain terms the monthly premiums can end up less even for a younger driver. For more information and a low quote see what Evans and Lewis can offer. To apply you would usually need to be at least 18 years of age and have been driving for 12 months. It helps greatly and more discounts will be available if you have a year’s worth of no claims bonuses. Some insurance companies require a driver to have two years driving experience, if so a policy such as this should be more affordable.

The risk to an insurance company by a young driver and possible higher payouts, means restrictions will be placed within a policy, even at renewal time. After a few years of no claims a driver will be offered better coverage and lower premiums. However until that point, a young driver under the age of 25 may not be able to drive vehicles that are heavy goods vehicles, over 2,000cc or high performance cars, which could affect any business plans and new start ups that you are thinking of being involved in.

What's Best Motor Trade Insurance For A Under 25 Year Old

So where do I find motor trade insurance for an under 25 year old?

A dedicated motor trade insurance broker can quickly quote on low cost under 25 years old motor trade insurance. They will explain all the relevant details, requirements and restrictions so you fully understand. What is more, they will ask you specific questions about your trade, ensuring you can get on the road even if it means some aspects of your job may need to be covered by an additional employee. Broaden your knowledge about Brexit and driverless cars Talk to a specialist motor trade insurance for young driver broker today and find out how to work within the rules, attain a cheap policy and get trading.

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  • Road Risks (comprehensive, TPFT and TPO cover)
  • Public/Employers and Products Liability (up to £5 million as standard)
  • Material Damage (cover for buildings, contents, portable hand tools and general stock)
  • Goods in Transit (Own Goods cover) for motor trade insurancepolicies
  • Money, Assault and Wrongful Conversion (all ranges of additional cover)
  • Business Interruption and Loss of Licence (cover for any financial loss due to a claim)
  • Engineering Inspection (covers any lifting equipment, trolleys and jacks etc)
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