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How to get Cheap scaffolders Insurance

Buying cheap scaffolders insurance premiums online need not be time consuming. Thanks to our partnerships with the UK’s top insurers and underwriters we can find a way to lower your quotes online without forgoing on sums insured. Every business has a wide range of activities. Whether you are a sole scaffolder, self employed, run a business or are in the wider field of the construction industry. We can find cheap scaffolder insurance quotes to meet your business needs. Most scaffolders need to get their equipment and tools to the site safely and on time. There are provisions within any policy documents to arrange for a variety of additions. On the majority of occasions you can receive cheaper premiums by merging all your insurance concerns into one policy document. Fleet motor insurance can be provided for flat beds and other vehicles, offering security for vehicles as well as equipment in transit.

 Liability within a scaffolders insurance policy

Cheap scaffolders insurance policy documents can offer financial peace of mind when it comes to all employment concerns. Whether you have full time employees, contractors on a daily basis or temporary workers from an agency. Employer’s liability will cater for any claims made against you or your company. Accidents and slips are casualties of this high-risk business. Due to the heights your workforce operate at and the chances of fallen tools or debris, you need to ensure the correct value of sums insured is applied. Attaining cheap scaffolders insurance quotes does not mean you need to lose out on the benefits of the cover itself. While certain higher excesses and restriction may be applied, we try to avoid these at all costs.


Cheap scaffolders insurance quotes can offer you cover today. Scaffold towers are often built in public areas, streets and overlooking roads. There is a high probability that a member of public may be injured due to being in such close proximity. Choosing the correct level of public liability insurance is vitally important. Any lawsuit could bring your business to a standstill. We can offer provisions for financial loss cover up to and above £25,000, as well as public liability insurance that ranges from £1 million to £10 million. In some extenuating situations a client’s property could be damaged. Some scaffold insurers may offer discounts for those who are NFRC and NASC members. If you do not require asbestos or hazardous risks insurance, the premiums may again be brought down further to compensate. For a quick chat and to find cheap scaffolders insurance premiums online and cover today, please call.