Traders Insurance Are Vehicles on the MID


Traders Insurance Ensuring that your vehicles are on the MID

If you are operating a business in the motor trade industry it is important to ensure that your vehicles are on the Motor Insurance Database (MID ).  This is the tool the authorities use to check the vehicles are correctly insured and legally on the road.  The automatic scanners can identify any vehicle not insured, the police will automatically pull the vehicle over, and the owner/driver of the vehicle will receive a penalty and fine, the code for this in an IN10

The MID is the only centrally operated list of all cars and other vehicles in the whole country. This is updated on an ongoing basis by the insurers up to 10,000 times in any hour.  It is one of the most important tools for the police and highway authorities to ensure that only insured vehicles drive on our roads.  The MID is used by the DVLA and also the UKL police to enable them to enforce the law relating to motor insurance.  When you have obtained you traders insurance online you will need to allow 48 hours for the vehicle to appear on the database.

Are MID updates included within my traders insurance policy

There is new technology that the police use called Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) that allows the authorities to access information from the MID to identify and prosecute people who are driving without insurance. More than 500 individuals are caught each day and a driver is prosecuted every 3 minutes for driving whilst uninsured. The MID also systematically compares the information acquired with the DVLAs database and if you have a combined motor trade insurance policy then you will need to check the MID to ensure that all the vehicles are correctly recorded.

With most motor traders insurance policies you will be issued with your own log in to the MID enabling you to update the system each time you buy or sell a car.

Will my traders insurance be void if the vehicles are not on the MID

To check your vehicle you can visit;type in your registration and check firstly if your vehicle is covered. You can also check any other vehicle if you have been involved in an accident.  This can be done free and if you have traders insurance it will be beneficial to check this data.  If you need any further information for a small charge you can find out the insurance company details which in the case of an accident will speed up your claim ensuring it is dealt with by the correct insurer.