Motor trade insurance for convicted drivers

Motor trade insurance for convicted drivers

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Motor trade insurance for convicted drivers is offered by certain underwriters who understand that we don t always get everything right all of the time.  Nowadays it is becoming increasily difficult to source this type of insurance  . In recent years as a number of underwriters have withdrawn from the market and many insurers will now decline to quote on risks where the driver or policy holder has serious convictions. It is important to find a broker that can speak to the underwiters directly and try to negoiate the best discount on your behalf and thus saving you time and money. The brokers are communicating with the underwriters on a daily basis and therefore can present your case in a sympathetic way.


Motor trade insurance for convicted drivers can occur in a number of different ways and one of these can be done by totting up the points until you get a ban. You are allowed 12 points and a standard SP30  occurs when you are exceed the 30 mile an hour limit and you will generally get 3 points or 6 points if your speed is higher. There are an increasing number of mobile speed cameras which can catch drivers unaware and lead them in to the totting up situation. You will be required to forward your licence through when the  policy is taken out so be sure to give accurate information over the telephone.


Motor trade insurance for convicted drivers can also arise from other offences such as usinfg a mobile phone whilst driving. This has become a significant source of points in recent years as the number of mobile phones that are used has dramatically increase in recent years. We all understand that people can make mistakes, however, the insurance underwriters that the view that motor trade insurance for convicted drivers is a higher risk and will therefore apply an additional preium loading for each individual case.



The Policy holder needs to be over 25 and then younger drivers can be added