Motor trade insurance with classic cars


Each business in the classic car motor trade industry is as unique as the cars they are working on.

Both established motor traders and  start-ups, understand how different they are to every other business.

As such, insurance policy should be different to every other business in your sector. If you upholster you will need different coverage to someone running a storage unit. Here are just four examples of classic cars businesses we cover. We have also added and our tips of what you should look for when you are comparing insurance for classics trade.

Insurance policies for classic car dealerships

Whichever price or model your dealership specialises in, you need the right insurance coverage. There’s a lot to think about when researching the best insurance coverage for a classic car motor vehicle showroom. It is not only your garage stock cover you need coverage for, you may also want to consider combining road risks. You will also want your customers to be able to test drive your vehicles. As such you will need the correct level of road risks insurance to cover the value of the vehicle you are selling.

Business Insurance for car restoration garages

Your job is preserving heritage marques for future generations. As such you want to contribute to the care of keeping the car in peak condition for your customers. You’re likely to be in this specialism because it is your preferred motor vehicle, as such you treat their cars with the highest level of respect. But accidents can happen and  the right coverage you need to give you peace of mind you need.

Workshops come with a lot of risks, there have been over 7000 injuries and 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair (MVR) industry over the last 5 years. Of course you will do everything to make your vehicle workshop a safe working environment, but you know how important it is to get the right coverage.  A specialist insurance broker will help you to navigate buildings insurance, public liability insurance and employers liability insurance. This will allow you to access a more economical policy for your business.


Part time vehicle restorer insurance

Starting to turn your hobby into a profession? Whether you want to grow your business, or keep it as a side line, the correct insurance cover will enable you to operate legally. Initially you should search for a road risks, but there may be other aspects of your business needing coverage. For example the tools in your garage. An insurance policy built specially for your small classic start-up will give you the peace of mind you need to grow your business. It is essential to notify your home contents and buildings insurance providers about business activities inside your home.

Insurance coverage for classic car hire

This is another growing sector in the motor trade, it includes hire for weddings, where you may play the role of a chauffer. Other car hire might be arranging self drive coverage for your customers. Maybe you are considering hiring your classic camper van to others to pay for its maintenance costs.

One thing is certain, whatever your niche, classic cars are irreplaceable.  There are also the challenges of valuation; the ever changing values at auction mean that estimating the level of coverage you need is. Anyone looking for motor trade insurance for this type of business can benefit from talking to a specialist insurance broker.

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