Motor Trade Insurance with Bikes

With 1.2 million motor bikes in use in the uk. It is estimated by The UK Motorcycle Industry that they contribute £5billion to the UK economy.

81,500 are employed by the motorcycle industry in the UK, these numbers alone demonstrate the importance of the motor trade for bikes.

The numbers of companies which identify as motor traders with bikes are diverse. They range from retail, to garages and repairs, motor cycle parts and much more.

Unfortunately not all motor trade insurers automatically cover bikes as part of their policy. And as with all businesses it is essential to get insurance cover which matches your work. There are certain things you must consider when driving motorbikes on your motor traders policy.

Do I need specialist motorcycle traders insurance?

There is no one size fits all insurance policy in the motor industry. Motor cycle shops and dealerships, motorbike garages and workshops have different insurance requirements. Each business has a different valuation and vehicles on premises.

A specialist insurance broker will ask all the questions needed to get a good understanding of your business. This will use this to help you get the most affordable motor trade insurance with bikes, and the coverage you need. They will be able to use this information to talk directly to the insurers underwriters. This will help you get the best value premium which accurately matches the work that your business does.

What does motor trade insurance with bikes cover?

As specialist insurance brokers, working in this sector we understand that a fleet can be diverse. If you deal in bikes you may still need coverage for vans, cars and even trucks.  You will need coverage for your stock vehicles, especially when they are on a test drive, as well as business cover for your employees.

Unfortunately bikers are some of the most vulnerable road users and as such it is essential to get the right insurance coverage. But even if you only trade motor cycles in your spare time we will be able to find a motor trade insurance policy which matches your requirements.

By working with an insurance broker, it is easy to change your coverage as your business changes. More bikes in stock? Let us know and our flexible policies can be changes on a temporary basis.

An insurance broker will help get customers financial saving. For example, we may recommend combining motorbike trader road risks with other insurances. This could be integrating the policy with your business premises insurance for example.

The coverage of a motor bike trade insurance policy can be as unique as your business.

Can you add a bike to a motor trader’s insurance policy?

With lower fuel costs and more flexibility and traffic a motorcycle can offer your fleet benefits that no other vehicle can. If you aren’t not a motorcycle trader, but a motor bike is part of your business’ fleet and you can add a bike to motor trade insurance.

We will work to find the ideal insurance solution for your motor bikes. Whether you have a bike as part of a one off trade or it is an integral a part of your fleet, we can help find an insurance policy which is right for you.

How can I save money on motor trade insurance with bikes?

We find the most significant way of reducing insurance premiums is to not paying for coverage that you are not using. For example accurately representing the stock held on your premises. Why pay for 10 superbikes in your customer showroom when you only sell scooters?

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