Motor Trade Insurance with Points

 Driving Licence Endorsements And Motor Trade Insurance With Points

Driving and receiving an endorsement on your driving licence is no laughing matter, irrespective of the original driving offence. Though at the same time, being denied or finding it difficult to attain new insurance isn’t either. With a specialist motor trade insurance with points policy, it is often easier to find suitable cover through a specialist insurer and an underwriter who understands your predicament.

While car insurance is a legal obligation in the UK, it is not a right. An insurer is not required to provide cover if your are seen as being too high a risk to insure against. However motor trade insurance with points quotes allows all drivers to apply. You must disclose all driving penalties to ensure coverage is attained. Let’s look at the differing penalty points system in the UK and how to ensure the cheapest motor trade insurance with points cover.

You may have been banned from driving, though it is most likely a build up of penalty points which has lead to your current insurer to refuse further cover. Do not panic. We understand that mistakes are made and that driving habits can vastly change after an endorsement has been applied. Most drivers can pick up three to six penalty points for speeding offences. Failing to stop at a red light, pedestrian crossing or following traffic directions and signs can also see three penalty points easily picked up.

While all of these are still serious, they are considered minor traffic offences. Depending on your current insurer you may need to compare motor trade insurance with points quotes to get a cheaper premium, rather than renew and be penalized again financially for what may have been an honest driving mistake. There are of course far serious driving convictions, which can see an insurer decline to renew or accept an application.

Motorway offence and high speed driving, while still a three point penalty may require motor trade insurance with points cover if your current insurer ratchets up your risk ratings. Equally, driving without adequate third party insurance or driving a vehicle without notifying of new disabilities could see more serious consequences applied. In the majority of situations, these endorsements are kept on record for five years. Any insurer will consult with the DVLA database for historic offences and match these to your application. Full and honest disclosure is paramount.

Motor Trade Insurance with Points that keeps you legal.

It is obviously imperative, that to keep your motor trade business running that you stay on the road and ensure you keep road risk cover at the cheapest premiums possible. At Evans and Lewis we understand your situation and will address underwriter’s concerns on your behalf. Finding the best motor trade insurance with points policy for you.

Other offences such as reckless and dangerous driving, leaving the scene of an accident, accident offences or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can instigate a higher alert and risk in the eyes of an insurer. If you take an advanced driving course and other learning curves as instigated by the courts, you may well fair better when it comes to cheap motor trade insurance with points quotes.

The aforementioned are more serious driving crimes and can be recorded for up to eleven years. Though it is up to the discretion of individual insurers as to whether they take the longer period into account or the required by law duration, of five years.  It is also advisable that once spent, you apply for a new licence to remove any endorsements. We know the law, we know the underwriters who do their level best to ensure for cheap motor trade insurance with points. Call or complete our thirty second enquiry form for assistance.











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