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Fire and Theft Make Combined Motor Trade Insurance Worthwhile

Crime is like the weather, you are never quite sure how the day will turn out but inevitably in the UK it will rain. Combined motor trade insurance is for the occasion when accident or crime affects your business premises, contents contained within are stolen or damaged and any road risks that may occur.


People in the motor trade as with other trades know all too well that they are easy prey due to storage of high end tools and equipment in vans and in buildings needed to carry out their daily duties. We read in the news weekly about forecourt garage and sales showrooms being burgled, car stock being vandalised or destroyed by fire and premises needing repair. All of which has a substantial effect on the cash flow and operation of your motor trade business, especially if you do not have the correct amount of combined motor trade insurance cover.


Tools stolen from work vans on routine calls and those stolen from business premises overnight lead to the most claims. While they can be replaced. The best combined motor trade insurance will enact as soon as a police report is filed, meaning less downtime for your company. However, while insurance with correctly ascertained sums is essential for the following:


Cover for tools and equipment whether at business premises or on the road.

Business premises insured against third party damage, repairs from break ins and fire. Quotes often less if buying a dual purpose combined motor trade insurance for premises, vehicles and road risks.

All encompassing and exact cover for your motoring business with every detail finely tuned to your needs.

Any public liability and legal costs covered should any claims be made or a person is injured on your premises or injured through work you or your staff has carried out.


There are several amendments you can make as owner of your business to bring down the cost and receive cheap combined motor trade insurance quotes and cheaper renewals.


Use security markers such as UV pens or engrave your business name and address on tools wherever possible.

Add additional locks to company vehicles and buildings, utilising security floodlights and CCTV.

Ensure any vehicles have anti theft tracking systems in place

Fit sprinklers in premises which hold stock, car dealerships, long stay car parks, antique car restoration garages etc.


As with most forms of combined motor trade  insurance it is best to seek out one policy that covers all the angles. This can result in cheaper combined motor trade insurance rather than buying separate policies for each aspect of the business. A specialist motor trade insurance broker or CMTI insurer such as Evans and Lewis can provide the advice required to enact the right policy and best quote for you. Why not call or complete our brief thirty second form and we’ll get back in touch with you straight away providing almost instant cover.